Monday, February 6, 2012

Organic Onion

I put in a heavy days work yesterday and sorted through my studio. Can't say I threw a lot out, but it's amazing how much space there is just by putting everything back where it is supposed to go! This quilt has been on the design wall for at least a couple of years, waiting to be backed and "finished". The longer it's been there, the less "finishing" I think it needs. I like the edges as they are, and really think I will just put a backing fabric on it to hide the stitching. The quilt is the result of a workshop with Caroline Sharkey at AQC about 3 years ago. We had to take along a photo that we wanted to interpret in a quilt using her "fabric and thread painting" technique. Everybody else seemed to have gorgeous landscape photos of sunsets, beaches and rainforests. I sat next to an astronomer whose photo was of a fabulous nebula. I had an onion...

Organic Onion

And this is the result of my clean up:
Quilting corner

Craft Cupboard
My plan to keep myself tidy is to publish an updated photo once a month that will either chart the developing chaos or shame me into putting things away!


Julie said...

You sound like someone after my own heart, my studio is in total chaos and my sewing supplies are worse! I see you are probably joining the International Challenge Group so an early welcome from me. We've lost a few members so it will be lovely if you can join us. I shall now go and have a proper look at your blog. :-)

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the welcome, Julie. I have my fingers crossed to join the group (which does make sewing difficult!).