Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The ice has thawed!

I won't bore you with my self-recriminations and apologies for not posting for so long.  Felicity puts it so eloquently in her blog http://textileseahorse.blogspot.com.au/   My life events may have differed, but the end result has been the same - a retreat into my shell.  And Felicity has been posting much more recently and frequently than me!
I have been creating, just not writing about it.  I have three unfinished, "absolutely-must-do" quilts which are presents waiting to be presented.  We also included a lot of our crafts in our stall as part of our street long garage sale.  And I have been running classes.  This latter has prompted me to post some of the results of a dyeing working I ran last weekend for one of my groups.

We explored three different approaches to dyeing:
  • sun printing with liquid radience dyes
  • ice dyeing with procion dyes (the photos are the results of this)
  • Eco-dyeing (which are still in the pots awaiting the great unveiling!)
The multi-coloured radiating piece second from the right in the first picture is by my daughter, Brigetta.  Isn't it awesome!!

I would like to thank Bonney from Kraft Kolour for her help and advice.http://kraftkolour.com.au/