Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Special Guest

Before I introduce to you my special guest, I am very excited to announce that I have been accepted to join the International Quilt Challenge  !  A group of very accomplished and inspiring quilters, and I am sure I am going to really stretch my creativity in their company.  My first challenge as part of the group is due this Friday - to say it is a tight turnaround is an understatement!  Nonetheless, I have been turning ideas over, and the A3 quilt is now pinned awaiting stitching.  The theme is Architexture - which has triggered off lots of ideas and possibilities, but one which has really stood out consistently and persistently.

This past week, I have also made a birthday present for my 22yo nephew.  This is the first of a line that I am developing of "upgraded" plain Tshirts:
My husband modeled the T shirt before I posted it to my nephew.

Last Friday I was up way too early to join in a Handiquilter webinar on Threads, Needles and Tension.  Well worth the 5am (Melbourne time) start: full of useful tips and practical information, and not just for the Handiquilter, but for machine quilting in general.

So, now to my special guest.  Let me introduce you to my daughter, Brigetta, who had a very creative break over the summer holidays, and would like to share with you some examples of her ideas and work.  Melways is an iconic street directory for Melbourne and its suburbs.  With people turning to GPS, Melways can be found in op shops, and Brigetta had the fabulous idea to use them for decoupage:

cloud plates

tea tray

stretched canvas with stencil

Gotta love it when creative ideas just bounce off each other, and come to fruition through play and experimentation!


lisette said...

oh wow - they're amazing! well done, brigetta - she's a natural :)

so glad you've joined the challenge - although it would be highly ironic if my piece gets me expelled as it reeeeely stretches the definition of 'quilt'!

lisette said...

great t shirt, btw