Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The colours of the land

While we were away in north-eastern Victoria last weekend, I collected some leaves while on a walk with my husband, and used them to dye a beautiful piece of woven wool. I love the results, and a closer inspection reveals detailed "prints" of the leaves. The black comes from metal scraps that we found on a previous visit, that are the all too frequent reminders that humans had been there before and left too many reminders of their presence.
I hadn't planned to do any dyeing, but couldn't resist when I came across the different leaves.  I do love how I am building up a collection of different fabrics that reflect the places where I did the dyeing, and that they hold the memories of these trips.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Doodling around Grandma's garden progress

Finished the graffiti quilting on this quilt for my great-nephew, which showcases the vintage Grandmother's Garden blocks made by his late Great-Grandmother, Mary.  This was fun, but much more labour and time intensive than I had anticipated. Great way to invent, extend and try out different quilting designs.
Now on to the binding. If you look closely the "label" is incorporated into the design.
The colours are much truer than the previous indoor shot!