Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reflections - Through the looking glass

This is my contribution to the latest "International Quilt Challenge" (see my side bar). The theme was Reflection. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass have always been two of my favourite creative works, and that is what sprung to mind immediately. I even had the image very clear in my mind's eye, but wasn't sure if I could sketch it out in reality.

However, the picture of Alice half-in and half-out of the mirror actually flew from my pencil.

In some ways the quilt didn't really do justice to the sketch, but maybe it really just didn't live up to my imaginings.

First of all I transferred the image of Alice from the waist up onto fabulous silver lame, layered the quilt and sewed over the sketch lines x3. I used fabric crayons to provide some colour. I then transferred the rest of the image onto white cotton voile, placed it over the lame, and sewed over Alice from the waist down - also x3. I had hoped the silver would show through much more, but it sort of got lost. Ah well! I used fabric paint for more bold colour for this side of the mirror.

Using TAP I transferred some original images of Alice's adventures. I also sewed some silver straight reflection lines on the mirror and around the part of Alice that has fallen through to try to create a shimmer effect.

The frame is upholstery fabric and I have quilted it in a design of carved wood with spirals up both sides.

I am uncertain about it, but pleased that it is finished, as I have been struggling completing projects of late - too many distractions!

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